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MSN Messenger

MSN is the latest chat messenger by the software giants
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Microsoft Network the software giant introduced its new and latest version MSN 9.6. It is amazingly new with various graphics and new features. The most important thing is the bulking up of MSN's junk mail filter, adding more control over access to images in messages from unknown senders. There is also now the option of blocking hidden images in Web-based e-mail--images are typically found in spam e-mail. MSN users can prevent images from loading in the preview pane, which could be an important control for preventing the viewing of sexual images in porn spam. One of the more important changes is the addition of a "Feedback" option on MSN's menu bar. The feature allows consumers to report problems .Mail window shows how much online mail storage is available. Other subtle improvisation includes the addition of a search button to the e-mail toolbar and the relocation of the settings option to the bottom left of the screen from the top left. Microsoft also added a drop-down menu to the in-box so that e-mail can be filtered by people the MSN user knows.

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  • Junk filter available
  • Feedback options makes it easy to give feedback
  • Amazing graphics,voice quality and security options


  • Not much difference with its previous version
  • System becomes slow with too many functions so more hardware needed
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